Why UHaul Rentals Are Inexpensive and Easy

U-Haul® businesses of Central California and Southern region California are promoting 30 days of complimentary self-storage as well as U-Box® container utilization after several harmful tornadoes tore through the states on Sunday evening.

The storms toppled trees, power lines and buildings, and several houses were destroyed. Much of the devastation occurred in Lee County, Alabama.

“Some of our neighbors arrived home on Sunday night, only to find their homes in shambles,” stated Scott Fall, U-Haul business of Central Alabama director. “As a supporting member of these neighborhoods, we wish to make certain these individuals have a protected location to keep their possessions as the healing process begins.”

Two U-Haul establishments have been made available to supply tragedy relief. Families looking for additional information or wanting to arrange for 30 days complimentary self-storage should contact the nearest contributing facility:

U-Haul shops provide needed supplies to assist with storm recovery like containers, tarps, propane gas as well as propane tanks. U-Haul urges customers to guarantee their tanks are topped off given that propane is ideal to posses in the event of persistent power outages.

With U-Box containers, you will quickly pick up our custom-designed trailer and simply take your U-Box together with you. U-Haul also can store your U-Box container in our protected storage warehouse or pick up and deliver it to a location of your choice.

U-Haul is actually the markets leader in do-it-yourself moving plus self-storage with more than 21,000 places across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to their 30 days complimentary self-storage tragedy help program, U-Haul is happy to be at the center of assisting neighborhoods in times of need as an recognized American Red Cross Disaster Responder.